2017 Saturn moving in saggitarius

In January 26, 2017 Saturn will transit in Sagittarius sign at 19:28. Sagittarius sign ruled by  guru Brihspati and its a fiery sign though Saturn is airy planet.Now it will be really interesting to see how these both elements will work together.As per the classical when a airy planet enters in fiery  sign it aggravate the energy of the fire. some time mixture of these two elements  could  create  disaster.

Moola Nakshtra

The moola nakshtra is the enclouser of  deity Nairthi or Alakshmi or the lord of ill luck , being from 0 degree to ending of 13 degree 20 minutes at Sagittarius Zodiac beside which it ruled by shadowy planet ketu and its expressed in bunch of roots tied together .it articulates the meaning of being opposite and reverse.

The arena of Moola nakshtra as its deity expressed itself is not persevered  to be the positive shades as its wont bring positive  impact upon the native as in the further articulation it wont carry good fortune for being born in the same.

As you know Saturn is a slow moving planet so its good or bad result also wrtill be slow.Next two and a half year Saturn is going to aspect kumbh , Mithun , and kanya signs . In January 2017 Libra is going to  be free from sadesati but cannot expect soon relief from its impact. Sadesati  of Libra will end,Scorpio’s last phase,Sagittarius 2nd phase and Capricorn’s 1st phase will begin. Thus these natives will also experience  of some automatic change in their personal and professional life cycle.

Saturn’s  results on different sings:


For you saturn is the lord of  tenth and eleventh house.These are the two most   important houses of the one’s horoscope (karmesh and Labhesh ) .In January month Saturn will move in 9th house (bhagyesh ) since long time you have been gone through trouble and mental agony , but now the time to feel relax because lord of gains has decided to give blessings you have been longing.But remember that saturn likes to do things slowly and thus you will be getting things
in slowly manner . Even a snail can be proud on his speed than your luck.
It will create “Rajyoga”  Lord of 10th and 11th  in 9th house of luck . There will be gain from eleders ,  teachers and from foreigner relative , higher education can be benefited. LOOKING FOR DETAIL HOROSCOPE CALL 9999263124

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