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Separation / Divorce in Kundali

Why divorce takes place in life ,today divorce and separation is very common in the fast moving life.I have seen many couples get married after long courtship but after sometime they take the decision to get separated/divorce. if the divorce is mutual so none of them go through legal harassment. If that is not so,it can create complications of various way.
There can be several reason for divorce or separation will only discuss Astrology divorce indicators,But I want to suggest you that proper Horoscope matching can reduce the chances of marital discord.But Ashatkoota Guna matching is not the proper way of doing a kundli Matching. Proper marriage matching is very effective to avoid divorce or separation even after malefic influence in chart.
Astrology gives very clear indications of divorce ie; sun, mars ,rahu ,saturn are separative planet there aspect or association with 7th h or 7th lord,conjunction of 6th , 8th, 12th house or there  lord lead the native to divorce.
Planetary combination of divorce:
  • If 7th lord is hemmed between malefics or posited in 6th, 8th or 12th house.
  • If malefic Sun, Mars, Saturn or Rahu posited in 7th house or lagna.
  • Lord of 7th house is debilitated or cumbust, 7th house and karaka of marriage are afflicted.
  • Jupiter and Venus being debilitated ,hemmed between malifics or posited in malefic navmansha.