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Character influences  of the Nakshatras

1. Ashwini: The very first nakshatra among the 27 nakshatras in the zodiac and ruled by Ketu.

Deity: Ashwini Kumar
Symbol: horse head

This Nakshatra fall in Aries sign, 0 degrees to 13degree 20 minutes.This sign is ruled by( the chief of the cosmic army)Mars. Lord of skilful potential and courage, known for his instant action People born in this nakshatra are young looking, bright eyes, broad forehead, fast, intelligent, active, energetic, impatient.They love speed, strong mind and extravagant.
They enjoy travelling and often skilful work and may have healing abilities. The Ashwini Kumar’s are known as god healer and as well sons of the Savitra.Because of their hasty nature, they invite trouble for themselves, but the Sun got exaltation in this nakshatra.So, they receive fiery energy of Sun. Sun has the power to rule the cosmic planets and entity of universe, of course, to rule the universe intelligence and supremacy is required to shoot all troubles.Here the Sun give skill and Mars bestow the heroism to the become troubleshooter.

2. Bharini: 

ruling planet: Venus

Deity: Yama ( god of Death, Shiva)

Symbol: Gaja,yoni( elephant)

span: 13 degrees 20 min to 26 degrees 40 min

Here a beautiful intimacy can be seen, Sun is soul, Mars is energy, Venus is playing the role of sperm = beginning of the new life.the symbol of this nakshatra completely justified the energy of three planets energy. people born under the influence of this nakshatra posses magnetic personality, alluring eyes, long nose bridge, appealing smile and sweet and tactful speech.this nakshatra’s energies bestow the native creative and reproductive affirmation. The Sun, Mars and Ketu are firey toughness and Venus’s lust accord the native self-indulgence, skilful, conscientious let go the person happy and healthy attributes.They also tend to be impatient and find hard to forgive.setbacks can shift their properties from material to spiritual transcendence. Bharni folk usually have to bear extra responsibility, they love their family cant like to stay away from their family even for one day.