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In today’s cut throat world you need to be step a head. So how can foretelling of stars  help to choose right career. How stars can help you to get promotion / grow business / choose vocation that can lead you to destination of success.


Sun:  Medicine, gold, treading, ambassadorship, Government job, tours, advisory capacity

Moon: Water trading, clothing ,government  adviser, law suit, navy, agriculture, cinema
mars: Fire station job, military, police, boiler, surgeon
Mercury : Own business, electronic media, mathematician, lawyer, intellectual jobs
Jupiter: Banking, Religious / spiritual / motivational guru, management, teacher
Venus: Jewellery, clothing, business, water and milk deals, female articles
Saturn: Labors job, extra responsibilities, edible oil, mine and research
Jup+Mar+Sat = Surgeon
Jup+Venus= Finance / Management
Stars in your chart can foretell the coming changes in your career. Our expert astrologers can analyze these planetary positions to guide you to take important decisions to select your right career path, remove hurdles in your promotion and growth, significantly improve your business and clear all professional hurdles from your career path. We provide gemstones and other easy remedies that can help you overcome all carer problems and setbacks. Find out the best job / career options and predictions according to your horoscope by date of birth. Find out best vedic astrology remedies for problems  / obstacles in your job and career. If you are not getting job, astrology can help you find remedy. Our expert astrologers can help in your professional setbacks and provide accurate career prediction.

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