Debilitation of Saturn

Saturn is the outer most planet in the solar system.saturn is a cold and slow-moving planet, it takes thirty years to compleat the orbit.Satun is known as (Dand Adhikari) or lord of karma, who justice with everyone’s karma.Saturn love petitions, persistence, dedication, hard work and rule regulation, discipline and effort more than your capacity.He is the son of the great life giver Sun, who spread his bright energy equally in the world.but they both are known the bitter enemy of Astrology.

Sun is known as the king of the solar system where Saturn despite being his son is called (sewak) or shudra planet.sun being a king like to rule thas why when any planet comes under the orb of the sun it becomes combust, that planet will be forced to give the result as per suns verdict, combust planet cannot have his identity because he is in the courtyard front of the king.

Though, Saturn is just opposite to the sun. Saturn doesn’t believe in partially, it loves socialism, meeting people those are lower of the cast, banished one, Saturn take time to give the verdict because it gives the number of chances to the person to improve his/her karma.It loses to power in Aries and become debilitated at 20degree in venus’s navmansha =exalted in D9.

Aries is a firey sign full of action and energy, ruled by the aggressive chief of God of war. mars are planet or desire and survival, it is raw energy rather than create one.mars get exalted in Capricorn the sign ruled my his enemy Saturn.That’s  superb quality of mars in enemy’s area making own mansion Dhanishtha.A brave man in the land of war. such a display of valour can be explained by mars.

But Saturn becomes weakest herein Aries, mars won’t allow him to dominate the native by Saturns carchertstics.If Saturn becomes debilitated in Lagna so make the person to lazy, slow-moving mind always need a push to go head for every action. Here native has to start his carrier in early age and need to put maximum effort to earn a piece of gain.


Anjali Chattopadhyay


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