Importance of Navgrahas

Importance of Navgrahs

Navagraha or nine planets have great influence on our lives. The position of these planets in our horoscope determines the events that will take place in your life. These Navagrahas can also determine your happiness and hardships.
In order to ward off the negative effects of these planets in your life, Navagraha puja is performed. This is a very powerful puja and includes worship of nine chief planets including Surya, Chandra, Budh, Kuja, Shukra, Rahu, Shani, Guru and Ketu. By doing this puja, Navagraha doshas are detached and one gets good results. When one performs this puja, the nine deities get appeased and bless us.
Benefits of Navagraha puja are:

  • Eradicate negative effects of Grahas
  • Improve quality of personal and professional life
  • Provide support when Grahas are in unfavourable position
  • Protect from any kind on mental and physical sickness
  • Keep away bad luck or any misfortune
  • Boost monetary benefits and expansion in business
  • Promotion in Job and better career prospects
  • Helps in attaining Moksha (Salvation)

Navagraha puja give tremendous positive energy and provide immense courage to face any kind of difficulty in life. It is believed that if this puja is done with true devotion and adhering to proper rituals, it will bestow good health, wealth and prosperity. 

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