Mystery of Retrograde Planet

Mystery of Retrograde planet

Astrology in theory of rebirth and karmas,past ,present and future.In Geeta (chapter -2, shloka -30),it is said Atma is indestructible in the body.That is why it is considered as a vehicle for carrying on the burden of karmas to the next birth.Karmas are categorized as sanchit ,prarabdha and Agami.Sanchit karma are sum total of accumulated karma of the past lives. Prarabhda is the part, the fruits of which is to be experienced  in the present life . Agammi karmas are for the future birth.
The Sun is immortal soul responsible for completion of unfinished karmas birth after birth which is symbol by Leo sign of kalpurusha, Anuradha and jyeshta fall in 4th house and other yama nakshtra.
 Moola is  house ,5th house shows accumulated poorva janma karmas and 9th represents the prarabhdha. In  the process of retrograde motion ,planets generally remain between 5th and 9th house from the Sun.4th house shows preparatory work which is gradually slowing down and stopping before moving in the opposite direction .Extrnal planets Jupiter ,Saturn , mars become vakri  between these  houses.
Mars is Purusharth ( one’s efforts)and energy. Jupiter is prarabhdha ,what human being is destined to get after taking birth in this mortal world and Saturn karma or the deeds one has to perform in this life. Without Puruhartha fruits of prarabhda can not be enjoyed . It is through performance of karma from birth to death that one fulfill this objective.
It is interesting to note that 5th to 9th house cover sign owned by Jupiter, Saturn and mars .Fire (Agni)of mars represented by Aries (initiative)of Kalpurusha falls in 9th house .10th is one’s karma .
thus these three planets together exhibit what one gets during present life span.It is there logical to assume that incomplete task of past lives are completed in the present birth by retrograde planets.This is specifically true in case of external planets.
Anjali chattopadhyay

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