Salman Khan

The Golden Hearted

Salman khan

The Salman Khan have been around two or more decades in the film industry and every passing year he is being busier . He is man with the” Golden heart ” who has reputation to getting in trouble.
Another aspect about Salman  Khan is the fact that though he has been romantically linked with  number of leading ladies but the still remained unmarried .Amongst them , his affair with Aishwaraya rai bachchan and gorgeous  Katreena Kaif are still fresh in public memory.
Salman Khan has been involved in famous court cases. In 1998 he was arrasted for hunting protected animals and spent more than a week behind the bars.Again in 2002 September , Salman khan  was in headlines of every news channel , for crashing his land cruiser  in Bandra , killing one man and injuring others.

Astrological analysis

With so many attributes and unnoticeable  characteristics , but the natural study of his horoscope will be a matter of interest to almost all having interest in Astrology .
He is born in Aries ascendant. The Lagna lord Mars is posited in 10th  house ( karma bhava) with 2nd and 7th lord venus. Another noticeable feature is Lagna lord  Mars  is exalted in professional house.
Salman is true martian ,no wonder he is physical fit and commanding basic nature. He take stand for friend and his  near dear people,his Moon sign is  Aquarius  and Moon  is reside in Dhanitha Nakshtra. which confirm  his martian traits and ruling qualities.
As we discussed earlier Mars  situated in 10th house and aspecting his own house and singn  Aries , here exalted mars will give positive results and 2nd lord Venus will support it. Moon in 11th house will be fully overpowered by Satrun , because Moon is in saturn’s sign and posited with lord of house.  
Current Vimshotri Dash running of his chart is Saturn’s which has been started in September 2002 and will last till April  2021,which will give him  rise in professional life will be successful .

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