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Vaastu Consultancy

Vaastu Consultancy

According to Vaastu Shastra the ‘Vaastupurusha’ is present in all pieces of land. And he cannot see anything but he can only feel and listen the dwellers of the house and he continuously says Amen (तथास्तु). This is why it has been said that one should always talk of positive things and radiate positive energies in the house and he should never talk of negative aspects in the home.

If someone breaks a house by architectural methods like hammering, the ‘Vastupurush’ suffers and feels some pain and uneasiness due to this. Which in turn results in the inauspicious dosha called the Vastu Bhang Dosha (वास्तु भंग दोष).

So according to Vastu Consultant Anjali one should never demolish or hammer in a home to rectify Vaastu defects. Hence she provides many such remedies in which the Vaastu Rectification of a home can be done without demolition.

In case it becomes essential to reconstruct a home then according to Vedic Vaastu Expert Anjali, in such a home the performance of Vastu Shaanti by qualified scholars according to Vedic Vidhis is important.

Anjali always discourages demolition and provides remedies for the Vaastu Correction of a home without any demolition.

Vastu is all about producing actual strength in the surroundings for the well-being of folks. It’s originally associated with the situation and construction of buildings. Though demolition is referred to as one of the most frequent solutions for removal of Vastu defects, yet Anjali is precisely against this idea of demolition for Vaastu correction as we can destroy the Vaastu defects through some other Vaastu tips.

Vastu Remedies can be performed at home or office or in shops. It should be done on regular intervals so as not to let energies get dull. Dull or Stationary energies limit opportunities of advancement in career and can also increment ailments. In Vaastu, it is a necessity to correspond elements of direction with objects located over there. But most of them are not within the understanding of a common people. That’s why you need the service of a qualified Vaastu Consultant.

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