Vastu Tips For Land And Plot

Vastu Shastra begins right from the correct selection of the plot or land. This, however, is ascertained first by the shape of the plot. Different shapes cast different effects on its occupants, some good some bad. One needs to check for extensions of any kind on the plot as well before purchasing it. Vastu tips for land and plot need to adhere to at every step before buying a land so that it poses positive effects on its buyers and occupiers.

The different shapes of a land and their respective effects as per Vastu on its owners have been mentioned below:

Square or rectangular plot– This shape is best for a plot being purchased for residential or official purposes. These plots ensure overall prosperity and growth for its owners in all aspects of life.

Circular plot– A circular plot should have only a circular building built on it. No other shape is considered auspicious for this kind of a plot or else it would give bad results for its inmates.

Oval or elliptical– This kind of plot is bad both for residential as well as commercial usage. It would bring about losses of every manner.

Octagon– Although a rare shape, people living in such plots achieve great success and prosperity in life as these plots have eight definite sides and eight corresponding angles to it.

Parallelogram– if a plot is in the shape of a parallelogram, it brings about financial losses, quarrels, and discord in the family.

Hexagon– These plots have six sides which are almost equal. They bring progress and prosperity for the family members.

Triangular– These plots, as the name suggests, have only three sides and three corners, hence they are considered very bad from residential as well as commercial usage point of view. Generally, such plots occur at the corners at the intersecting point of two roads meeting at acute angles. These plots are detrimental to growth and success in life as they cause a lot of problems from higher officials and authorities. Even fire-related accidents are likely to happen in such plots. Payment of penalties, too, is indicated.

Sherdah– Such plots are wider at the front and narrow at the back, just like the face of a lion. Such plots are good for business and industry.

Gaumukhi-These plots are wider at the back and narrow at the front just like the mouth of a cow. These plots are considered auspicious for residential purposes.

Above Vastu tips for land and plot would ensure flow of positive energies and would also make room for happiness and prosperity for life long.

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